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1. The admission of any child 5 at the absolute discretion of the school and the school is not obliged to offer any justification for the rejection of any application.

2. The placement of the child tsar the absolute discretion of the schooL The school generally takes Into consideration various factors, Including the child’s age, academic ability level of acluevement relative to the school’s current students and the child’s behaviour.
3. The school reserves the right to place the child m a class which the Head of the School deems academically and developmentally suitable to the child’s needs at anytime and from time to time whilst the child at enrolled at the school This may include requiring the child to repeat cocoa more academic year(s).

4.The school reserves the right to suspend or expel a child at a case of nnsconduct or a serious breach of disaphne, particularly this has a detrimental effect fin the opinion of the school) on the other students in the school The principal reserves the right to dismiss a student from school in the case of unsatisfactory attendance, work or conduct without assigning any reason.

5. Any damage to school property, whether intentional or not, must be paid for by the designated party at a timely fashion ( no more than 7 days to Mat International School).

6. In the event of the child having a contagious or infectious disease or illness or in the event of . outbreak of a contagious or infectious disease or illness at the school regardless of whether the child is so infected or otherwise, the Head of the School may at his discretion prohibit the child from attending the school for such period as the Head of the School deems necessary The parent / guardi. or child shall have no claim against the school arising from .y such action taken by the Head of School.

7. Students must attend all classes regularly, participate in all relevant school or extra curriculum activities and sit for at relevant exannnations applicable to the student unless excused on medical grounds or other compelhng reasons. Failure to attend classes shall entitle the school to take such actions as may be required, including requiring the student to repeat (.) academic term(s) or to be v6thdrawn from du schooL

8. The parent / guardi. agrees that the school shall not be table Scathe death, personal Injury, damage or loss of personal property of .y kind whatsoever which the child may sustain at any time either within the school premises, authorised field trip or elsewhere, which a not attributable to the negligence of the school, its officers, agents or employees.

9. For Malaysian citizens, admission to, .d continued status as a student of the school m years to is, is conditional on du child possessing a valid approval letter issued by the Malaysian Ministry of Education.
so. For non-Malaysian citizens, admission to, and continued status as a student at the school, aconditional on the child possessing a vand visa issued by the Malaysian Immigration Department. The parents shall undertake to keep the school informed of any changes in their immigmtion status during the child’s enrolment at the school and soIl incur any charges deemed necessary by the school if failure to do so results in the school having to extend or renew said visa.