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Principal’s Message

It is the role of a school to build and strengthen character that will be able to withstand the extreme challenges ahead. As I have always said, a child needs not just a solid education but the ability to be street-smart as well. The happiest and most successful students are those with good motivation and a sense of pride in doing things well, rather than merely being competitive.

MAZ International School had a humble beginning in 1992 in Petaling Jaya with just 12 students. Through hard work and dedication, we have been able to make giant strides. We have recently opened the doors of Maz International School Shah Alam – a full boarding and day school.

This endeavor was successful in part due to our careful reflection on our history of educating expatriate children from more than 35 countries and more recently, Malaysian children in the style of the National British Curriculum, supplemented by our own tested learning modules.

The academic achievements are a credit to the staff and to the students themselves. High academic achievement is encouraged at the school, with considerable student success in external competitions as well. Our curriculum, alongside our extensive list of extra-curricular activities, sporting and performing arts facilities, a varied social calendar and pre-university programme will ensure that each student is given the opportunity to find his or her own niche and therefore, be confident in pursuing informed career choices.

MAZ International School is an inclusive learning community celebrating student growth through the pursuit of excellence and lifelong learning. The school provides a wealth of leadership and other opportunities for those who are prepared to exercise initiative and accept a challenge.

We have created an environment to enable children of all ages to fulfil their potential while developing into well-mannered, well-groomed, independent individuals with high self-esteem. Our school is committed to providing an educational experience that is the richest, most diverse and most exciting in an atmosphere that provides support, encouragement and care for every child. Hence, our school motto, “We care for your child’s education”.

Mr. Inderjit Singh Sekhon,