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The MAZ Story
Experience is the teacher of all things. MAZ International School is a pioneer in providing quality private education to students in Malaysia. The schools is backed with 30 years of experience in the field of education, starting from a humble beginning in 1991 at its Petaling Jaya campus to its impressive Shah Alam campus that consists of many amenities, including boarding facilities. It’s growth was successful in part due to careful reflection on its history of educating children from more than 35 countries in the style of the National British Curriculum, supplemented by its own tested learning modules. MAZ International School is an inclusive learning community celebrating student growth through the pursuit of excellence and lifelong learning. The school provides a wealth of leadership and other opportunities for those who are prepared to exercise initiative and accept a challenge.

MAZ has established itself as one of the best education providers in the country and understands the role of a school in setting students up for success. We strive to not only provide our students with a solid education but also to hone them into capable people. Our students are high achievers, well-rounded, confident and most importantly, passionate about the world they live in. We extend a warm welcome to you and invite you to join our family.